Our Process

Grow Your Cash Buyers List in 4 Simple Steps

1. Join Active Real Estate Investor Groups On Facebook

Use Facebook search bar to find groups filled with cash buyer activity... ex. "Louisville Ky real estate investor club"

2. Search The Groups For Posts That Attract Cash Buyers

Find posts or create your own  inside the groups that attract cash buyers to comment their email and/or phone number

3. Click "Add To List" To Collect Names, Phone Numbers, And Emails

With the click of a button the Buyers List Builder will begin sorting through comments and collecting buyer data

4. Repeat To Grow Your List Then Export And Begin Marketing

Theres no limit to how many buyers you can add, once finished, export your list and begin marketing your deals.

Our Mission = Your Success

Building a cash buyers list can be time consuming and expensive- or both. The truth is without a cash buyers list, wholesalers will fail. They will end up canceling more than half of their contracts because they can't find a real cash buyer. They will spend their most valuable resource- their time- building their cash buyers list the old ways.

Wholesalers without a cash buyers list are more prone to relying on JV partners to dispo their deals, robbing themselves of collecting 100% of their gross profit. How much additional revenue could you generate if you could generate these JV opportunities for own business? If you were the wholesaler with a strong reputation, know for closing deals and having a bad ass cash buyers list?

​Buyers List Builder can help you find success with a easy and affordable way that any wholesaler can quickly build their cash buyers list.Experience the benefits of the Buyers List Builder today!

Close More Deals

Increase your contract to close rate by marketing your deals to more buyers. More buyers = more opportunities to sell your deal- faster!

Save Time

Build your list with the click of a button. Buyers list builder is fast and easy so you can spend more time on income producing activities.

Save Money

More affordable than any other method of building your buyers list and more profitable than bringing in a JV partner for dispo.

Build Reputation

Establish a reputation for getting contracts closed and attract a new source of revenue- joint venture opportunities.

Start Building Your List Today!

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